On Friday, October 22, we held an AMA session in the VirgoX official Vietnam Telegram community led by Rylee Fan, VirgoX community leader. Our Guest was AnAn Li, president of VirgoX Asia. For those who have missed it, here is a recap of the session!

First of all, please welcome AnAn Li and all Telegram chat members. AnAn, please introduce yourself briefly.

Good morning, my friends. I…

In order to further increase transparency, we have decided to switch the burn address of VXT from today to the “0x00000000000...” address, which can be found here.

At present, the amount of $VXT transferred to this address (burned) accounts for nearly 8% of the total supply. You can use the Ethereum browser etherscan.io to review the VXT burn record.

Etherscan link to $VXT here.

VirgoX Community

Risk warning: Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. VirgoX will make its best efforts to choose high-quality assets but bear no responsibility for the users’ losses.


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